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Walk the Wight Your Way 2020

Yesterday, Sunday 10th May, should have been the annual 'Walk the Wight'. As with every year, many school children sign up to, and look forward to, walking part of the journey for the Mountbatten Hospice.

This year, of course, it has been different. Mountbatten have urged their supporters to Walk the Wight Your Way - completing a virtual walk, as creatively as possible, to clock up the miles and raise funds for this special 30th year of Walk the Wight. 

This is Mia - and we think she is a little star! - she has completed all 26 miles of her 'Walk the Wight'. She has enjoyed her short walks lots and hopefully raised a total of £300! Well done, Mia, we are really proud of you!

VE Day

We had a lovely time in school on VE Day - all dressed in our red, white and blue! We were very proud to stand with Mrs & Mrs Millard's Royal Navy flag at 11:00am and everyone was very respectful when we observed the one minute silence. What a lovely day to be in school! 

Mrs Chambers, Amelia and Tilly joined in the VE Day fun, baking some delicious home made scones and making some beautiful bunting before joining in with their front garden 'street party'. Lilly, Poppy, Noah and Alfie also joined in the fun at home!


More Home Learning!

There has been some super learning happening at home: Tenda has been reading instructions and making cakes from her very own cookbook; Freddie has been solving maths problems in the garden; Finley has been learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores; Cayla has been busy with her Maths, Reading and Science; Harmony has been solving maths puzzles and Lacey Rose has been reading with her baby sister.

Some super Home Learning from Week 5 & 6 - Finley's created some fabulous VE Day Art; Frankie cooked sweet and sour pork for her family; Holly made her own birthday cake; Ben has been busy with Spelling Shed; Bruno has learnt a new skills; Ben has completed some super Maths; Chloe cooked a whole meal for her family; Tamsin made a rocket; Emily made flags, and Sian & Caitlin dressed up for VE Day; and Jake made pizza swirls. Thank you for sharing your pictures!

Beautiful Rainbows

Sharing a little love and colour during this time of social distancing. #chasetherainbow

Super Science! 

Well done to Lilly and Poppy, who made bubble snakes using: an old sock, a plastic bottle, and some washing up liquid! How can you make your bubble snake longer or shorter?

Fabulous 'Kitchen Science' work from Rhys who made a bouncy ball and then tested it, alongside balls of other sizes and materials, to see how high they would bounce.

Oliver wanted to find out what happens to ice when it comes into contact with salt. Some super kitchen science - well done!

Isabelle and Freddie investigated whether the ice would melt and overflow and Isabelle made lemonade. The both recorded their investigations beautifully - well done!

Cayla made an egg float in the middle of a glass using salt water and plain water.

Home Skills Learning!

Learning at home is not just about completing work set by your teacher. What other skills could you learn? How could you help others?

Olivia made bread with her mum - there was lots of maths and science involved!

Darcey has been busy sorting and counting washing, practising her numbers with tins and packets from the kitchen and finding shapes in the garden.

Noah and Sadie have been cooking, helping to feed the animals at the zoo as part of their daily exercise, learning to iron safely and developing their Forest School skills!

Tenda and her mum made her very first marble cake from her own cookbook. She read the instructions and helped to mix it. It looks delicious!

Easter Challenges

We have had some fabulous responses to the Easter Challenge Alphabet Plate from Jack, Rhys, Ruby, Isabelle, Freddie, Eleanor, Ewan, Katie, Lucy, Austin, Dexter, Sienna, Marcy, Connie, Tamsin, Jake, Noah W, Sadie, Noah M, Charlotte, Harriet, Autumn-Bliss and Chase.

Learning in School

Just a few photos of our current school learning: Sport, STEM, Art, Reading, Writing, Maths, and Forest School.

Home Learning 

Noah, Mia, Poppy, Lilly, Olivia, Cayla, Connie, Tamsin & Chloe showing off their fabulous home learning, and staying active!

Some super 3D animal models from Noah in Year 3 - I am sure that he will be up for the new Lego challenge on our Facebook page!

Lu and Austin have made some colourful spinners by colouring a circle and then cutting it into a coil. Austin made a world on his circle and knew where Antarctica and the Isle of Wight were and that there was desert in the middle near the equator! Fabulous learning!

Tehya has shown true community spirit: making jewellery, decorations and baking and sharing them with her neighbours to spread a little happiness and love - well done, Tehya!
Year 6 Rainforest Work

Beautifully presented Rainforest project work from Amy, Chloe and Lilly.

Click here for Spencer's fabulous Powerpoint on Deforestation.

Super Sports!

Isabelle and Freddie set up their own obstacle course and challenged themselves to complete it in a set time - could you do something similar? You do not need lots of special PE equipment. Set it up like a mini Sports Day, balance a cushion on your head, run with an pebble 'egg' and spoon ... be creative!