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Broadlea Primary School

Together to Excellence

Curriculum Overview

Progression Maps

Our vision is that every pupil will leave our school achieving academic success, fully equipped and empowered to embrace their future.

  • We want our pupils to be equipped to be resilient and active learners who independently find out and explore, problem solve, reflect and think critically.
  • We strive for all our pupils to be good communicators and have the necessary literacy and numeracy skills to enable them to successfully access the next stage in their education.
  • We want our pupils to be self-aware and to take responsibility for themselves; to understand who they are and their own personal strengths. Our pupils understand good mental health and are prepared with strategies to maintain self-care.
  • Our pupils are good citizens ready to take their place in a diverse and modern British society. They are respectful and tolerant, show honesty and integrity and are empathetic towards others and the environment.
  • We aim to provide a rich and varied curriculum through our unique learning environment, including Forest School, ICT Suite, Food Tech room,  Art/Science room, and extensive school grounds.
  • Everyone in our school strives for excellence every day.

Our Core Values are embedded throughout: Respect, Resilience, Excellence.

Our curriculum is designed with our vision, mission statements and core values in mind: it is personalised, reflecting the background and experience of our pupils; it is outward facing, setting learning in local and global contexts wherever possible; it celebrates diversity; and it is rooted in authenticity and context so that learning is relevant.

Broadlea's teaching staff and subject leaders have created a Progression Map or Long Term Plan for each area of the curriculum. Please click on the links below for an overview of the progression of skills and knowledge for each subject.

White Rose Maths National Curriculum Progression

English Long Terms Plans:  Year 1   Year 2    Year 3   Year 4    Year 5_6

Art & Design


Design Technology

PSHE - 1 Decision Years 1-3

PSHE - 1 Decision Years 4-6

Religious Education

Additional Information

If parents/carers would like additional information about our curriculum, these are the ways to access this information:

  • Class visits - open morning/afternoon learning sessions
  • Parents/carers consultation evenings
  • Facebook celebrations of learning
  • 'Our Curriculum' pages on the school website