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Broadlea Primary School

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Family Support & Pupil Support

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Claire Jasper

Family Liaison Officer

Hi, my name is Claire Jasper and I am the Family Liaison Officer at Broadlea Primary School. My role is to support our families and to provide pastoral support with any issues that you may have supporting your children, either at home or at school.

I can support you to identify strategies which may be helpful, identify when additional outside support may be needed, signpost to other services, and support children in school. I work closely with other members of school staff as well as other agencies and services.

I am always happy to speak with parents. You can contact me via the school reception or you will find me at the school gates most mornings and afternoons. If you wish to discuss personal matters I can arrange a time for you to come in and meet with me privately. I recognise that everyone experiences challenges in life and there are times when additional support can be beneficial. I believe in working with a strengths based approach and I will support you without judgement to try and identify the tools and support you can access to manage and move forward.

If ongoing support is needed for your family we can provide this via the Early Help process which means we would meet regularly, along with any other services and professionals if appropriate, to ensure that you are receiving the support that you need. An Early Help Assessment involves listening to you as a family to find out your needs. A Family Action Plan will be agreed setting out agreed goals, who will be involved in supporting you and what everyone will do.

I am also one of the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads and I will attend Child in Need and Child Protection meetings held by Children’s Social Care. I attend these meetings to represent the school and will contribute to decision making and planning. Throughout the process, I will aim to support you as a family to understand the expectations of these plans and to achieve the requirements of the plan in place for your family.

I bring a wide range of previous experience and skills to my role, which I hope to be able to use effectively to promote positive outcomes for our families and provide support when needed.

Please come and say hello and don’t hesitate to come and speak to me if you have any worries big or small, I am always happy to listen.

Christina Bishop

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Hello, my name is Christina Toogood and some of you may already know me as I am a Teaching Assistant in the upper end of our school. I am here to support the safety and education of your child, as well as their social and emotional well-being. 

Here at Broadlea we know that for children to achieve academic success, and be able to focus on learning, they need to feel safe and have their social and emotional needs met. 

I have recently completed my Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA)  training and although I’m mainly based within the classroom, time will be allocated for me to provide ELSA sessions to the children identified as benefiting from that little extra emotional support. 

As an ELSA, I will support children on a weekly basis for short or long periods of time. This can be to support with things such as anxiety, self-esteem, anger management and empathy. Most sessions will be on a one to one basis, but at times there may be group sessions for things such as developing friendship skills. 

Sessions take place in privacy and aim to be fun and creative. Although as an ELSA, I’m unable to ‘fix’ problems, I will provide emotional support to help children learn skills and strategies in managing them for themselves. I take pride in the fact that I try to establish a friendly and warm relationship with a child and give them the time needed to feel safe enough to share any thoughts or feelings. 

I currently run a daily lunch club in school for those children that find this time, and the dining hall, difficult. The children come to me, with their lunch, and we have the opportunity to sit and talk about their day and what is on their mind - or the things they did at the weekend! It is a calm environment, which gives the children time to practice and develop their social skills and friendships with different children. Once finished, the children then head outside to play. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to come and have a chat, I’m all ears!