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Broadlea Primary School

After-School Clubs

We offer a range of clubs throughout the year to children from all year groups. Some are run by outside providers, some by teachers and some by support staff. There are some costs associated with the clubs as staff who are not teachers need to be paid for additional hours and outside coaches charge a fee. We endeavour to keep costs to parents/carers as low as possible without impacting on the school budget. The school does not make a profit with after-school provision.

At some times of the year there may be more clubs on offer than at other times, or more clubs for one key stage than the other. We try to balance everything as fairly as possible but are aware that teachers provide these clubs for free, in their own time, and they must offer them at the best time of year to balance their workload. All teachers offer at least one after-school club per year. We are extremely fortunate, and grateful, that many of our staff are very generous with their time and try to provide more.

All after-school clubs start at 2.45pm and finish at 3.45pm. Please ensure that your child is collected on time by an adult. We do not let any child leave the school unaccompanied after 3.45pm. There will be no exception to this rule.

Please note that car parking is not available on the school site to collect from clubs as there are still staff in school at this time.

We use Schoolgateway for after-school club bookings and payments, educational visit payments and school dinner money. To create an account, download the app to your phone and register using the email address and mobile number we hold for you in school. School Gateway will send you a text with your PIN. Login when you are ready to go or contact the school office if you require support. www.schoolgateway.com 

If you experience any difficulties logging in, it may be because the school does not have your current email address and mobile number. Please call the
office and we will update your record on our system.

Please ensure you book your child onto the 1st session and then make the payment for the sessions when you receive the confirmation email.

As clubs go live each half term, we will send a newsletter out with all the necessary information.

Please see below the range of in-house activities we plan to provide this year (please note, these are subject to change), in addition to those provided by outside coaches:

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Art & Craft or Cross-stitch (KS1)

Community Kids (Y2-6)

KS1 Study Club 

KS1 Story Club 

KS1 Forest School         


Drawing Club (KS2)

Sports (Various clubs for KS1 & KS2)

KS2 Book Club

Carnival Club (All)

KS2 Forest School

Sports (Various clubs for KS1 & KS2)

Sports (Various clubs for KS1 & KS2)

Isle Dance (KS2)*

Sports (Various clubs for KS1 & KS2)

Sports (Various clubs for KS1 & KS2)

Sports (Various clubs for KS1 & KS2)


Isle Dance (KS2)*

Y4-6 Kapla Club – Science Engineering 

KS2 Boosters 

Y3/4 Gymnastics 

Y5/6 Gymnastics 


Y4-6 Space Club

Mindfulness & Art (KS2)

Y5/6 CREST Science Club 

Y4-6 Kapla Club – Science Engineering

Y4-6 STEM Club 

*Isle Dance culminates in a inter-schools competition on the evening of Tuesday 11th February which children must be able to attend